guide to avoiding ‘Fortnite’ scams

December 18, 2018 Adah 0 Comments

The fortnite virus is basically a hack that is cracking game codes for the obsessive players. This virus is allowing the players to download fortnite v bucks generator as many times as they want for completely free.

Latest report analysis

As per latest reports, the fortnite virus has been downloaded for more than 80,000+ times up till now. This malware hack is surely on the track of setting a world record with the speed at which it is hacking the game codes for players!


Makers of the game are distraught but impressed

In a press release statement, free v bucks generator no human verification the makers of the game have expressed their distress and disappointment with such a massive hacker code having hit their game. It is clearly embarrassing for the makers that even though they are aware of the virus, they are helpless because it is seemingly out of their control. However, the makers did not shy away from admitting that they are very impressed by the hacker mastermind who is indeed behind all the virus generation and spread. The one hacker has surely gone down in history as one of the best masterminds in the tech world.



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